<![CDATA[Handy Services, Inc. - Bob\'s Blog]]>Mon, 30 Nov 2015 16:58:52 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Don't forget about the roof??]]>Mon, 30 Nov 2015 14:20:43 GMThttp://www.handyservicesinc.com/bobs-blog/dont-forget-about-the-roof​The past couple days it seems like we have had non-stop rain. I personally love the rain but it has brought to light several issues with my house. When the really hard rain came down I found two spots leaking inside. Now that the rain has stopped we are able to fully evaluate the issue. There are several soft spots that are causing the leak. We have a tendency to forget about the roof of our homes, but really it is one of the most important things. Don’t let your roof go uninspected. Call Handy Services for a FREE ESTIMATE! 
<![CDATA[Are you ready for Christmas??]]>Thu, 12 Nov 2015 16:04:44 GMThttp://www.handyservicesinc.com/bobs-blog/are-you-ready-for-christmasAre you ready for Christmas? Like most retailers promote its better to start getting prepared for Christmas then to wait. There are several things we do to make Christmas better for our families the tree, presents and lights. Outdoor lights is one of the things we love to do for our customers. Not only does it make Christmas that much for special for your family but it allows us to help spread the Holiday joy.
Please call for your FREE ESTIMATE on hanging your outdoor Christmas lights. ]]>
<![CDATA[Tips To Get Ready For Winter]]>Thu, 05 Nov 2015 19:46:27 GMThttp://www.handyservicesinc.com/bobs-blog/tips-to-get-ready-for-winterNow that Fall is officially here, is your home winter ready? There are some simple DIY things you can do to help lower utility bills. First caulk around windows and doors. If you see a gap that is bigger than the width of a nickel, you should re-apply exterior caulk. Silicone caulk is best for outdoors. Also, it’s always a good idea to clean your gutters. If your gutters are full of debris, water can build up and damage roofing, siding, and wood trim. Make sure you turn off exterior faucets. Undrained pipes can freeze which can cause pipes to burst as the ice expands. Also, it’s a good idea to drain your lawn irrigation system.

​Handy Services, Inc. can handle all your winterizing needs.  Give us a call at (479) 202-5304 or email us at serices.handy@yahoo.com today!

<![CDATA[Should you power wash your deck/fence before staining?]]>Mon, 02 Feb 2015 15:48:12 GMThttp://www.handyservicesinc.com/bobs-blog/should-you-power-wash-your-deckfence-before-stainingThis is always a question we get when a customer is wanting to re-stain their deck or fence. There are several options you have when it comes to re-staining your deck/fence. The importance of power washing your deck is that you are cleaning the deck/fence and removing any existing finish. Without removing that, there’s a good chance your new finish will fail prematurely. The new finish will sit on top of the old finish instead of penetrating, and most likely peel off. If it is an older deck you need to remove the gray surface layer of oxidation, to make the deck appear like new. Cleaning also removes dirt, grime stains or other blemishes that can show through the new finish. There are several advantages to power washing. Including removing debris from between the deck boards, which can help prevent growth of rot.

This can be a DIY job if you own a power washer or you rent one but remember a lot can go wrong. In some situations, it isn’t even a good idea, because power washing can chip and gouge wood if the deck/fence is older. There are less aggressive options that remove stains and discoloration. If those don’t work you could always sand the entire deck. Just remember sometimes to save your weekend it’s always easier to call the pros.  Please call or email Handy Services to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE services.handy@yahoo.com or 479-202-5304.

<![CDATA[Frozen Pipes? ]]>Thu, 22 Jan 2015 22:45:52 GMThttp://www.handyservicesinc.com/bobs-blog/frozen-pipesI’m sure we have all heard the horror stories about pipes freezing and busting this time of year. With the cold weather here there are some small things you can do to help prevent this from happening to you. Let’s begin with why pipes freeze. The property of water expands when it freezes. The expansion of water can put pressure on whatever is containing it. The pressure of that water is what will cause pipes to break. This usually happens to areas that are more exposed to severe cold, like outdoor hose bibs, swimming pool supply lines, water sprinkler lines, and water supply pipes in unheated interior areas like basements, crawl spaces, attics or garages. Also be aware of pipes that run against exterior walls that have little or no insulation.

          During the colder time you should take preventative action such as keeping the same temperature on your           thermostat. This might cause you to have high heating bills but it can prevent a much more costly repair if           your pipes freeze and burst.

          Make sure to drain any outside hoses.

          Open the hose bibs to allow water to drain. Keep the outside valve open so any remaining water can                     expand without cause the pipes to burst

          Consider insulating water pipes that are exposed to the weather (pipe sleeve and even newspaper can                 provide significant protection in ares that usually do not have frequent or prolonged temperatures below             freezing

          Keep garages door closed if there are water supply lines in the garage
          When weather is very cold outside, let the cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes.                     Running water through the pipe helps prevent freezing.

If your pipes do freeze there are several ways to thaw the pipes. Apply heat to the frozen section, using an electric heating pad, hair dryer, portable space heater or wrap the pipes in warm wet towels. If you are unable to fix the problem yourself please call the professionals at Handy Services for help.

<![CDATA[Would it benefit me to put more insulation on the inside of my house?]]>Fri, 16 Jan 2015 13:59:10 GMThttp://www.handyservicesinc.com/bobs-blog/would-it-benefit-me-to-put-more-insulation-on-the-inside-of-my-houseWould it benefit me to insulate my house? 
With the cooling temperatures it is always a good idea to install more insulation in your attic. There is no debating keeping your house warm in the winter can be an expense. A properly insulated attic can lower your utility bill by up to 10 to 50 percent, and help make your home more comfortable and eco-friendly. This also works the reverse in the summer, it helps stabilize your house's indoor temperature to keep cooling needs in order.  Some ways to know if you need more insulation. Crawl into your attic, or add to the honey do list, if you can see the floor joists then you probably need more insulation. Remember heat rises so you could save quite a bit of money adding an extra layer of insulation. 

As easy as this task sounds there a list of things that can go wrong when you try to do this on your own. Especially if you are not an experienced craftsman, so instead of wasting your weekend worrying about if you did it wrong or trying to get someone last minute to fix the mess let our expects help you save some money.